I’ve made it to South Korea safely where I’ve spent the night at the fancy Hyatt Regency Hotel in Incheon – which is only a 5 min bus trip from the airport.  My flight was wonderful, I had a window seat so enjoyed the take-off and landing views of the land and water. 

Korean Air was really enjoyable to fly with – would definitely recommend them to anyone.  They were forever giving things to us: water or juice, Newspapers, warm towels, blankets, pillows and headsets.  The meals were great – you could choose Aussie or a Korean – I opted for Korean style both times which was good.  Had an interesting experience with bibimbap – it got brought around with each ingredient in a separate box or container and I had no idea what it was or how to eat it.  I was looking around trying to see ow others were eating it and the flight attendent must have seen me looking lost because the next thing I know she’s got me an instruction card with steps to make it …embarrassing that I looked like such a tourist but I was then able to enjoy making and eating bibimbap. 

   Each seat had an indiviual TV built into the headpiece infront so I pretty much spent my time watching movies – Beastly, No strings attached, Blue Valentine (don’t watch – wasn’t very good), Tarzan and a intro to London program.

Our plane had to take a little detour so we landed about an hour later than expected, I was not prepared for the 25 degrees!  Korean air had organised for the hotel, I just had to make my way to their info desk and they transported everyone to the Hyatt.  I think it will be the nicest hotel I stay at my whole holiday!  I got a private twin room and vouchers for dinner and breakfast.  Both meals were delicious buffet style and had such a great mix of cuisines – I guess catering for all kind of people as on my table were people travelling to various destinations.  There are so many attentive staff as well which makes the place really welcoming.

Was able to get internet so I talked breifly to Ellen, Sher Li, Nerissa and Bec which was great.  Was planning on meeting up with Hannah in Seoul but becasue of the bad weather we didn’t – Hannah said she may make it to the airport this morning before I leave.  Will be great to see a familiar face!

So in wrapping up – I have thoroughly enjoyed my night of luxuary here in Seoul – its a pity its raining – I hope it doesn’t delay my flight (although an extra night here I wouldn’t say no to!)


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  1. Aha! The infamous bimbimbap instruction sheet! Heehee! So lovely to read your recount of your trip. It was so funny to read about the english Jesmond and Newcastle too! That must have been very amusing mix-up! And your room was spacious! Wow! Twins to yourself!

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