The rest of the journey


Woke up and enjoyed a lovely buffet breakfast and read the Korean newspaper – there recent heavy rain has caused lots of damage and resulted in some deaths.  Also read the International World Newspaper – not much mention of Australia except in a sport article Ian Thorpe was mentioned.

Had to check out of my comfortable room at 11am and got a bus back to the airport.  I sat next to a guy from Edinburgh who had been in Australia for the International Tree Climbing Championships in Sydney.  He had come 3rd!!  Checked in at the airport and then I met up with Hannah.  We had an hour to catch up over a coffee before I had to go through to my flight.  It was so nice to see her and hear all she has been doing.  I was so great to see a familiar face at the airport!

The flight was really good – although there were 3 of us in a row so a bit more squishy.  I had the window seat again – I mostly had the shade closed but every so often I would open it – it was amazing how the clouds and view would change. They had a GPS map which showed where the plane was at all times so it was cool when you could see land to know which country you were flying over.  The guy next to me happened to be from Leeds and had studied there.  When he asked where I was from I said Newcastle.  He said he had studied his bachelor degree there and then asked where in Newcastle I lived because he had lived in Jesmond!!  But then he asked my I had flown out from Australia and we were both a little confused with the other … it turned out that he was talking about Jesmond, Newcastle in England and I was talking about Australia Jesmond and England!  But funny that they both had Jesmond as a suburb near their uni!!  Watched a few more movies, read my book and lovely letters that the girls from Newcastle had written. 🙂

Arrived at Heathrow Airport, London at 5:15pm.  Had to line up to get through the UK boarder secuity … finally got my passport stamped at 7:08!!  The line was just so long and slow, if only I had a British or EU passport – their line went so fast! 🙂 

David and Uncle Jeff met me at the airport and we drove back to their house in Wimbledon.  The thing I could not get over was how light it was – still a blue sky at 7:30pm!!  The houses here are so beautiful and quaint – haven’t seen an ugly house yet.   So many trees, its so green and lovely! 

Sat outside and talked with Jeff, Susan and David.  I received a “welcome pack” from Uncle Jeff which contained maps and travel info – he alo had written a funny little survival list for an Aussie like myself – contained things to avoid saying, charateristics of Brits, and culture differences.  It was light til around 8:30pm – we had dinner, I phoned home and then I headed to bed exhausted but excited.


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  1. Close to 2 hours in the queue?? OMG. That’s terrible! Already all jet-lagged, on top it all they had to make you wait for a good 2 hours? Gosh! Your welcome pack sounds interesting I have to say! Can’t wait to read about your major/minor culture shocks in posts to come! 🙂

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