Have been in England for 3 days now … and have been enjoying every minute of it.  Haven’t felt jetlagged, but have been waking up early each morning.  Yesterday David took me on a walk around where they live.  We walked around the lovely streets where there were so many amazing houses Wimbledon/Merton Park area:

Went to an amazing park which had so many lovely flowers:


Learnt an English descriptive word “leafy” to describe the really expensive houses on the big tree filled street.  Saw a few leafy streets.

Walked up to where the tram station is and the tube stations, tried to get an oyster card which is a travel card which works for most forms of public transport here but the office was closed.  Went into ‘Boots’ the English equivilent of Soul Pattison’s chemist. 

In the afternoon David and I went and had coffee at a nice cafe in a huge park – it was all natural fields and so so so many huge trees. 

Enjoyed a delicious dinner with fresh blackberries for dessert!



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