A Country Walk – Shere and Newlands Corner


Sunday was such a great day – went to Church with Jeff, Susan and David, they go to the Methodist Church which is just a short walk away.  It was a really nice service, small but friendly and I felt very welcomed.  Afterwards I walked up to the shops with Uncle Jeff – he pointed out interesting houses and buildings.  We went to Marks and Spencers which was a grocery store – it was strange because every food product was Marks and Spencer branded.  They didn’t have 4 different types of things, just a Marks and Spencer product.  This was for everything in the store bar a few things like chocolate bars. But apparently thats what most of the grocery stores are like – they have their brand of everything.  It was cool – it all looked very organised having the same label brand.
In the afternoon David, Jeff and I drove out about 25 miles from Wimbledon to where Uncle Jeff has his office at Albury.  We parked the car and went for a long walk around the countryside.  We walked to Shere – an incredibly picturesque tiny town of only about 500 people –  all the houses and few shops were all so beautiful and typical English cottages.


Took lots of photos of the countryside. We walked up to the spot where they filmed the English part of “The Holiday” and saw where they had built the house for the movie.

Then we did walked up to to Newlands Corner. It was a great walk – the views were phenominal as we climbed quite a steep hill so when we reached the top it was amazing! The path we took was beautiful – the trees were bent over to create an enclosed walkway at times which looked so pretty and the light could peak through… and of course the fields were so green!


Newlands Corner was a open field up high which looked over the most amazing view of the country – there were tons of people just sitting, having a picnic, enjoying the view, some even sunbaking in their swimmers!  The photos really don’t do it justice as it  was such a wonderfully peaceful view.


On out walk back down we stopped at Silent Pool – which funnily enough takes after its name – it was so still and quiet down there.  With the sun peaking through and shinning on the water it reflected the trees really well – could even see the blue sky in the water.

All up it was about a 2 1/2 hour walk and we walked about 6 miles.  The views exceeded my expectations and I wish I was a better photographer so I could capture what it actually looked like!



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