London Eye and Greenwich


Had another great day in London, after skyping Bethany in the morning I caught the train into the city and walked down to the South Bank of the Thames.  I had bought a ticket to the London Eye the night before which I was so glad as the lines were super long.  I bought a fast track ticket for an extra 4 pounds but it was worth it as my line moved along pretty fast.  It had rained early this morning and I was afraid that it would mean the view wouldn’t be as clear as it could be, but it had fined up and was extremely hot by the time I got down there at 10:30.  It took 30 mins to go all the way round and the views were spectacular.  It was cool to be able to see a 360 degree view of London. 

After the ride I walked to Westminster pier where I got a river ferry cruise to Greenwich.  The ride took about 1 hour and I sat on the top level and enjoyed the sunshine (I made sure I had lots of sunscreen on).  There was a tour guide giving a commentry although it was similar to the hop on  hop off bus one so I kind of tuned out and just looked at the view of the buildings go by.  When I got to Greenwich I walked around the area for a bit – there was a lot of grass areas and lots of tourists sitting having lunch.  I found a nice cafe which served breakfast all day and had scrambled eggs.  I sat and wrote out some postcards in the sun.  Walked around the shops of Greenwich – there were markets open also so I had a look – am trying hard to not buy souvenirs but spend my money on experiences.  

Got the boat back again – just missed the 3:30pm so was 3rd in line for the 4pm ride.  Sat inside on the way home and again looked out on the water. Am really tired tonight.


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