A sunny day in Brighton


The forecast was for 30 degrees so I was recommended by Uncle Jeff and Aunty Susan to take the train to Brighton for the day.  I’m so glad I took their advice because it was the most glorious day there.  The train was really fast – took about an hour and I was at Brighton Station before I knew it.

I walked down to the visitors centre and got some brochures and things to help me plan my day and then went and had a coffee where I sat down, read the material and decided what to do.  My coffee came with a nice suprise:

Then went to the Royal Pavillion – which was a palace built for the royal family as a holiday retreat.  It was oriental in style and seemed so out of place near the sea.  It was huge and there were audio guide handsets which took you around the rooms and explained what they were used for, specal things about the furniture etc.  As per usual the amazing sights insight were not allowed to be photographed but this is what it looked like from the outside:


I walked around the pavillion gardens – so spacious and green, and lots of people enjoying picnics.

Then I walked down to the Brighton Pier and beach which was very busy.  The funny thing about the beach was that it was a pebbly beach with no sand:


I summed up the pros and cons of a pebbly beach:

Pros: Means you don’t take a truck load of sand home in your shoes at the end of the day, they warm up nicely, they are not as uncomfortable to sit on as you would think and different.

Cons: Hurts when a wave picks up the stones and washes them onto your feet, although ok to sit and walk on – its not as comfortable as sand, Not as pretty as a white sandy beach.

But it was lovely just sitting on the beach in the sun (with lots of sunscreen on!) taking in the atmosphere.  Linning the beach was a brick wall where little market shops and stalls were selling all sorts of things.  Above that was the road and then a line of big white terrace houses which looked really nice:

Then I walked up to the Brighton Marina along the beach and street – was such a pretty walk:


Had fresh fish at a little place on the marina then caught the bus back to the pier where I caught another bus out to Devil’d Dyke.  It took about half an hour and I sat on the open-top level.  It was very windy but got great views.  Cannot believe how amazing every view is here in England – so green and peaceful – I love it!!  Could stay and look at it forever:


I want to try to stitch my photos together to get a panoramic.  The quality isn’t great but trust me – the view is gorgeous!!

Got back to Brighton Station where I caught the fast train back – Such a wonderful day!!


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