St Pauls and the Museum of London 5th August


Went into the city with David today via the London Tube – it was the first wet and rainy day so we planned inside activities.  Went to St Pauls Cathedral where we arrived in time for a guided tour.  I really enjoy live tours of places as you get so much more info and insight and hear all the inside stories that you wouldn’t usually find out.  Our guide had the quinticential British accent and was really entertaining.  He took us all around the cathedral – it was so amazing inside (again no photography allowed) – so big with amazing ceiling and engravings of cheribums, fruit and flowers everywhere.  There was mozaic tiling on the ceiling which we learnt was not originally part of the decorations and only put in after the Cathedral was to be used by royalty who thought the white stone was too ugly.  They showed us how it had undergone a 4 year cleaning process costing 40 million pounds.  They had left one pannel which showed how the colour of the stone beforehand.  I was surprised to learn how old the Cathedral actaully was (first built in 604 AD) and has been destroyed by fore 3 times!  The done was spectacular and amazing to look up at – so high and beautifully tiled.  After the tour David and I walked the 527 steps to the golden gallery which lets you out at the top and has magnificent views of London.  The steps let you off two other places on the way to the top – the whispering gallery and the stone gallery.  Just before we went outside the very top there was a small glass window which you could look down through – it went straight down to the centre of the main cathedral hall which was a tiled star decoration.  It looked so small through the window which showed just how high we were!

And then had to climb back down the stairs:

Then we walked over to the Museum of London which was all about the history of London.  There were some really interesting displays – I liked the displays which showed how the fashions of London had changed – there were some beautiful dresses there.

Then we went back to St Pauls Cathedral and got tickets to listen to an organ recital by Ben Van Oosten.  He played 6 pieces on the organ and the sound was just amazing – it filled the cathedral and resonated wonderfully!!  It was such a highlight!


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