Drove out to Warwick with David, Jeff and Susan – the drive took a bit over 2 hours.  We met up with my Dad’s cousin Barbara and her fiance Phil at a really nice pub in Kenilworth for a delicious lunch.  We then went for a drive through Kenilworth which was a lovely area with such beautiful houses and streets.  There were hanging baskets of colourful flowers all around the street – outside shop and house doors which I was told always organised and provided by the council! We parked at Warwick castle and took a nice photo and walked around the water which was beautiful. We also drove past Kenilworth Castle which was near their house:


Then we saw Barbara and Phils new house they are going to move into soon just outside of Warwick.  On the way back to their current house we stopped to see the Locks on the river.  I had never seen one before – let alone know what they were – but they are a smart way of letting boats go up or down a river or canal when the  level is different.  They use gates to control and change the water level to let boats go up or down.  There were two boats using one of the locks as we were there and it was cool to see how the water level changed so quickly and how the boats rose up!  There were 21 in a row which would take a long time to get through them all! Then we went to a smaller more typical english pub and I had my first 1/2 pint of English Beer – Pedigree.  It was ok I guess – not as bubbly as beer in Australia but nice.



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