Milton Abbas and Corfe Castle Monday 8th August


Had an early start – drove to Fernwood where we had a cup of tea with my Dad’s aunt – so my great aunt, Aunty Mavis.  Showed her some pictures of the family and had a nice chat.

Drove to Milton Abbas – it was this tiny little town – basically just one street where all the houses were white stone with a thatched roof.  They were so cute looking – each was slightly different in its garden or window panes but basically they were all the same.  I couldn’t stop taking photos of them.  I would see one and think that it was worthy of a photo and then would spy the next one down and think the same for it also.  So enjoy these houses:


Had a ploughmans lunch at the pub at the top of the street – it was really quiet and nice just looking at the all the houses.  We then walked to Milton Abbey – a great big church which now had a private boys school next door.  Was very fancy and expensive looking and it had the most green and wonderful views.


We then drove to Corfe Castle – saw a deer eating by the side of the road and a couple of wild horses on the drive over.  The castle is on the outskirts of a lovely little village which was a complete contrast to Milton Abbas (where the houses were white with a thatched roof )- all the houses and shops here were a lovely grey cobble stone.  It was quite busy with so many tourists and I could see why – there were lots of little shops and pubs and Corfe Castle was so close.


We walked up to it – its just ruins now but so picturesque and since its on the top of the hill it overlooks the town.  Took some photos – although my camera was running out of battery.  It was lovely walking around the ruins and realising that they were 1000 years old! It shut at 6pm but I hadn’t heard the announcement asking everyone to leave.  It was only when I heard the clock bell ring 6 times that I realised that I hadn’t seen anyone for a while so walked down and found everyone (including the staff) waiting for me.  Very embarrassing!


We stopped in at Swanage which is a beach-side town and we walked along the beach (which had white sand) the water was ”refreshing.”  Got a few more photos.

Got the ferry back which cut a lot of driving time out – got home at 10pm.  We tried ordering some take-a-way dinner but was told that they were shut due to recent events and were told to turn on the TV.  We were very confused as we had driven right past them and hadn’t seen anything.  But they were refering to the riots going on in London.  They aren’t really close to where I am – although the uni keeps sending me travel safety alert updates in which they warn me of travelling to near the sites of the riots. Today was an extremely nice day out – we saw and went to so many different places.


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