Bath 11th August


Had another nice breakfast and then checked out – walked to the station and caught a train to Bath.  Met David at the Information centre, picked up a handful of brochures and as it had started to rain lightly we decided to go to the Abbey.  Took another guided tour – I really must say I don’t know why more people don’t do them as they are only a few pounds extra and you get to go to places the rest of the visitors don’t.  We walked up to the bell tower and was explained how they work, saw the inside of the clock face and were next to the bells when they rang at half past the hour.  Got some lovely photos of Bath from the top of the Abbey and then walked back down again.


We then went to check into our room at the YMCA which was in a great location – so close!! (but then Bath is so compact that most things are close by!)  We then went on a free walking tour of bath which is put on by the mayor everyday!  We had a lovely tour guide who was doing her first tour by herself after finishing her training.  It was fantastic – lasted about 2 hours and we walked and heard all about the history of Bath and the buildings and people who have lived here.

After the tour we went to Sally Lunn’s house – the oldest house in Bath.  It was a very cute town house that has been made into a tea house which serves her special ‘lunn bun’ – like a sweet bread bun.  We had a Sally Lunn cream tea which was jam and cream on a sally lunn bun and tea.  The house also had a lower level which was set up like a mini museum showing where she used to cook the famous buns.

Walked back to the Royal Crescent to try and take a better photo and have a closer look.  Would definitely love to live in this row of houses – they look so grand and look out right onto a beautiful green lawn and are so close to the botanical gardens.  We walked around the crescent and then to the botanical gardens (needed our umbrella’s as it was raining) The botanical gardens were really different to other gardens I have seen in the way that they were more overgrown and natural – kind of wild looking but so beautiful.  It was lovely just walking around, taking random pathways getting lost.  We tried to find the Bird Avery which had arrow signs on the sign post but couldn’t find it!  We walked all around and eventually came back to where we entered the garden and saw the tiny bird cage which we had already looked at as we came in – not quite what we were expecting!!

Had a nice dinner at a restaurant called Garfunkels – had pimms and lemonade to drink (they are advertised everywhere here!!) and then walked over and watched Super 8 at the movies.  I really enjoyed it – being my usual self I was jumping all over the place as it was quite suspenseful!  Went back to our accommodation and talked to Michael on Skype.  Were very impressed with or view from the room – looked right out to Bath Abbey whih was lit up really nicely!!


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  1. how lovely! is this the bath that they talk about in jane austen?? the ceiling of the abbey is breathtaking!!! and the “R.C” is gorgeous!

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