Bath 12th August


Slept in a little late today – missed breakfast but did get to talk on skype to Mum and Dad. We then walked to the Roma Baths and spent a few hours walking around them.  We got an audio tour for free which was great – was really informative and took you around the different levels of the Baths and introduced the museum highlights.  I really enjoyed looking around – its hard to capture what they looked like in a photo but I loved it.


Learnt so much about how they were originally used and the types of people who would come.  There was a really funny section about curses visitors would write and then throw into the Baths if someone had done something wrong towards them:

The water spring was amazing – the water was bubbling as it came to the surface in the Kings bath – you could see the steam in the air. It then flowed into the main bath and then into smaller east and west wing baths.

We tried some of the water – wasn’t that nice (some people were prescribed 5L of it a day – don’t know how they could drink that much!!)  It was warm and kind of metallic in taste.

Had some lunch (or in my case breakfast) and then went on a river cruise down the river Avon on a nice ferry.  We sat up the top next to a nice American couple who were friendly and nice to chat to.  It was really nice floating down the river – we saw a kingfisher bird although I wasn’t fast enough with my camera!

David and I then split up for the afternoon – I went to the Jane Austen Centre.  I loved it!!  There was a talk about Jane Austen and her life, when she came to Bath and where she lived, and the places she used in Bath for her book scenes.  There was then a display of some costumes from the new Persuasion movie and photos of the actors in Bath shooting scenes.  What I found interesting and something I didn’t know is that there is no picture of Jane Austen and what they use is a unfinished portrait by her sister which was stopped as it was said to look nothing like her!!  So they can only go off descriptions of her from letters!  There was a gift shop where I bought a book ‘Mr Darcy’s Diary’ – its Pride and Prejudice from his view (can’t wait to read it) and had a cup of tea in their upstairs restaurant.  All the staff in the museum, shop and restaurant were all dressed in period clothes and looked just like they had stepped out of a movie!  It made me want to re-read a Jane Austen classic – don’t even care which one!  I’ll have to keep my eye out at second hand bookstores to see if I can find one to read.   Met back up with David (who had understandably not wanted to come to the Jane Austen museum with me!!) We walked back to get our bags and then caught the train back to London.


Bath was such a great place to visit and I’m so glad that I was able to see everything we did.  The only bad part of this visit is that I lost my ring!  I’ve left my name and number at the YMCA because I think that’s where I lost it as I remember having it the night before and then not at the Baths so I’m really hoping that it turns up as it was my 18th birthday present from Mum and Dad and is really special.


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  1. Wow, definately want to go to Bath now!! and the Jane Austen Centre. Looks like you are having an amazing time. Enjoying reading what you are up to xo

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