London Saturday 13th August


Went to Westminster Abbey today – the line to purchase a ticket was very long and it was only 10am!  But finally got in and also bought a tour which was amazing.  Our guide was really friendly and took us around all the famous graves and memorials including Isaac Newton, William Wilberforce, William Shakespeare, all the Royalty, William Wordsworth, Rudyard Kipling, the unknown soldier (the only grave no one is allowed to walk on), Charlse Darwin, Geoffrey Chaucer, Charlse Dickens, David Livingstone … the list goes on.  It was insane how many there were! When we got to a certain stone which was crowded by tourists (all using the audio guides) he would ask them to step aside and we would stand around and have perfect view while he talked about it  (which was awesome for us but not so much for the rest of the public!)  We also got to go to areas shut off to the general public.  He told us all the details about where things were and where people sat for the royal wedding – including himself – he was leading a procession at the start and got to sit up on the stage looking towards Kate and William (he joked he had a better view than the Queen as he could see their faces whereas she only saw their backs!)


Then walked to St James park where there happened to be a Brass Band playing in the afternoon so bought lunch, hired a deck chair and sat in the park eating lunch and reading while listening to this great band play!  It was a perfect afternoon and so relaxing which was good after walking around Westminster Abbey.  Then braved Oxford Circus and looked at the shops, got overwhelmed by the number of shops and how busy they were as it was their summer sales!! 



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