16th – 17th August – Cotswolds


Enjoyed another cooked breakfast and then set off at 10:30am.  Had booked a bed at the Stow-on-wold YHA and the B&B owner in Bourton had suggested walking there as it was a sunny morning and the bus wasn’t leaving for ages.  She didn’t have a map but said it was well signposted and that it was very picturesque.  The first part of the walk took about 1/2 hour and was a lovely track that took me to Lower Slaughter – a tiny town which really only had a few houses, a church, a pub and a few B&B’s.  It was a really nice walk that went through a couple of fields and crossed a river.  Got to Lower Slaughter and then the sign posts for the walking track stopped.  I tried to work out where I was supposed to go and found one track which turned out to be a dead end and finally after walking around aimlessly for a while went and asked at the pub, where they very kindly drew me a map.  By this time though it had started raining so with my umbrella at hand I set off again.  The path eventually faded into nothing and I was just walking through fields where cows and horses were grazing.  I was starting to get very wet and tired and my bags were feeling so heavy!!  But I eventually made it to Stow-on-wold where I was able to check in early and get into dry clothes.  That took up most of the morning so I then had some lunch at a nice pub and read my book.  The day seemed to go so fast – by no time it was 6:00 and it was really strange – before it had been so busy and people everywhere and then suddenly 6pm hit and all the shops closed and everyone left – its so deserted and such a change!!  Bought Pride and Prejudice at a second hand bookshop and have been enjoying reading it!!  Walked around as the sun went down – it was the first time I have seen the clouds change colour over here – they went a beautiful pink. 

The next morning I pretty much did the same as yesterday – had breakfast, walked around, took photos, read my book, looked at the shops, did a little country walk and then sat and waited (after checking the bus timetable about a dozen times) for a bus to Moreton-on-marsh where I caught the train back to Paddington.  Has been a wonderful 3 nights in the Cotswolds – would definitely go again but I think I would hire a car as I had to rely on the bus which was a little difficult at times.  I love the country – could sit and take in the green fields all day!!


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  1. oh dear! what a scary name for a town: lower slaughter! haha!
    although it seems like you didn’t like getting lost and the anxiety that comes with that, i bet the walk through the countryside was beautiful.
    what a perfect place to read pride and prejudice!

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