Sunday 21st August


Today I visited France twice!!  I was very excited, we drove to Divonne which took about forty mins, passed the boarder (no one checked our passports unfortunately so no stamp) but we were in France!!  Didn’t feel that different but was so cool to think that I was in another country without crossing waters!!  We drove to these markets held every Sunday.  They were huge!!  So many crossing streets were closed and there were lots of stalls – cheeses, seafood, handy-crafts, clothing, jewellery, chocolates, etc.  We then met up with one of David’s friends who took us behind all the seafood stalls to these tables set up next to a stream.  They them brought out these huge platters of fresh seafood – oysters, prawns, cockles and big pieces of crab.  Everyone just stood there eating and chatting, and had white wine.  It was really relaxing and social, and such a beautiful morning for it!  We found out that this group of people meet every Sunday and I can certainly see why.  It was very busy and lots of people were lining up for this seafood – it was so fresh and yummy.

We then drove back to Switzerland (no stamp on the way back in either unfortunately – they must all take Sundays off) and we drove to Nyon which is a town on the lake.  We parked the car and walked down to the water and bought a boat ticket to Yvoine in France.  The boat ride took about 20 mins and we had first class tickets so we were allowed on the top level which was not crowded at all and got a lovely view.  The boat was cool – had a French flag on the front and a Swiss flag on the end.  It was a really beautiful ride over.  We arrived and stepped into France again!  Yvoinne is a really small town – all the streets and houses/shops were made of cobble stone and if you could believe it even more flowers!!  We walked around the town and around the outside of the castle that is situated there (needed a break from the inside as I feel like I’ve seen so many!!).  I bought a nice glass bead bracelet from one of the little shops and then we went to a lovely restaurant for lunch.  We had the best view from our table – we were sitting on the balcony outside which was great.  For lunch we had a 3 course meal – green salad, whiting fish and chips and ice cream for dessert.  Our desserts were all beautifully presented:


We got the boat back to Nyon and then drove back to Lausanne around the lake – saw where the Olympic head office.  I could take in the sights of the lake all day and not get tired of its beauty.  Had a relaxing afternoon reading and then at about 9pm we had Raclette for dinner – which is a traditional swiss meal where you have a kind of grill where you melt your own slice of cheese under it and pour it over potatos and have it with bread, pickled onions and other vegetables.  It was really yummy but we had eaten so much that day I could hardly have much.  Finished off a wonderful day by picking up Anna from the train station – she had been away for work so it was nice to hear how it had gone.   Skyped Mum, Dad and Michael which was nice.



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