Monday 22nd


Had a sleep in this morning which was lovely – then caught the metro into Ouchy where I found the post-office and bought some stamps and then walked along the water to the Olympic Museum.  It was AMAZING!!  I got an audio guide for a couple of extra francs and it was worth it.  The first part of the museum was about the ancient Greece history of the games and where they originated from, then they introduced the man who decided to reinstate the Olympic games after a really long gap.  They had every Olympic torch on display (my favourite display of the museum) and all the medals for each games.  There were small movie rooms where you could watch footage of memorable events or races there were displays from each host city which had memorabilia and lots of info about the games.  The next section was broken up into winter and summer games and had clothes or apparatus donated by famous athletes and movies clips of impressive moments.  Then you were allowed to go down into their basement and pick any two movie clips of certain races or ceremonies – I watched Cathy Freeman win the 400m race and highlights of the Sydney 2000 opening ceremony.  The whole time I was feeling really emotional – like reading stories of tremendous achievement or relationships made in the games or just human compassion shown between competitors made me really proud of the Olympics!!  I can’t wait for the London 2012 games – I think I will be getting into it in a big way!!  I was also able to watch some figure skating footage and winter Olympic skiing races as they had a 3D showing.  In total I spent over four and half hours there!!  I remember looking at my watch and not believing how fast the time had gone and wishing that I could stay longer.  But since there was still so much to see of Lausanne I said goodbye to the museum and continued on my way.  I then caught the metro to Flon and walked around their trendy shopping area – no cars but warehouses turned into shops.  I then walked up to the Cathedral and looked inside but it was getting late so I caught the metro back and met up with David and Anna.  On the drive back to his house the fountain of youth was free so we stopped and I filled up my drink bottle – the water was so cold!!  We had champagne and some cheeses and snacks and cooked a barbeque for dinner.


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