Thursday 25th August


Had our day off so a group of us hiked to Villars – the next town.  Took about an hour – and went through the forest and was quite uphill.  We played pooh sticks on a bridge we crossed (not to brag but I came second hahaha) We all went to the tourist info centre as we qualified for a ‘free access card’ which gave us free public transport in Villars and access to certain places like the pool, ice skating, tennis etc.

We caught our now free train to La Barbousa and then a cable car up to Les Chemin.  It went so high (1752m) and was so spectacular at the top.

After we looked around there I went back down to a coffee shop and had a lemonade.  Had my first experience of hitchhiking back – only had to wait a couple of mins before a nice lady picked Cait and I up.  I would normally never hitchhike but I had been assured that Switzerland was incredibly safe and that students had been hitchhiking from L’Abri up and back from Villars for years and years with no problems so I decided to try it.  Had a nice dinner and evening with everyone – a group of us girls were discussing our love for Jane Austen and found a copy of Pride and Prejudice.  We sat around in the study and took it in turns reading chapters out loud.  It was so fun – we all laughed and giggled at the appropriate parts and got about 10 chapters in.


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