Wednesday 24th August


Woke up to the beautiful view – had breakfast – it’s a lovely big dining hall with one big table and a few smaller booths and its so communal and good conversations.  Then we started the day, pretty much our routine was:

8am – breakfast

9:30am work or study

1pm Lunch

3pm work or study

6:30pm Dinner

Working was either cleaning, cooking, laundry or outside grounds work and was with a helper and 1-2 other students.  Study was self-directed study and once a week a tutorial. 

I was working in the morning which involved walking down to another chalet with Cait where we met Karen, a worker.  We vacuumed and dusted her living area and then made lunch – home-made baguettes (yes from scratch!!) with salad fillings and apple squares (which we used apples we picked from their tree!!)  At 1pm half of the students came over and we sat and ate lunch together – it was supposed to be a formal lunch but we used it to get to know everyone more so we all went around and introduced ourselves again.  We had a break for about an hour before the afternoon session started at 3pm.  I walked down to Farrel house and looked around the library – sat and thought about what I wanted to study.  They had lots of tapes containing lectures on so many subjects – they were all numbered – the highest tape I saw was 892!!!  They are in the process of moving them all the mp3 but as you can imagine recording them takes a long time so the ones I listened to were all on tape and I was totally old school in stopping and starting it to write quotes etc!!  There were also so many books, journals and articles!  Luckily they had a catalogue which narrowed down your search for things!!  I looked at a book on hermeneutics that afternoon.  It’s a very quiet place and everyone spends the 3 hours doing what they like – you had to be self motivated and wanted to study – there was no one to make sure you spent your time wisely. Had dinner at 6:30pm, washed up and then sat in the lounge room and talked with people then a group of us played Catch Phrase and then Taboo.  Was a very fun night and a few more people had arrived during the day so it was cool to meet them as well.  Here are some photos so you can see what L’Abri is like:



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