Chamonix Adventure – Thursday 8th September


Cait and I were planning on going to Italy on our day off but instead went to Chamonix in France!!  We hitchiked to Martingy (took us a while to get a ride and then when a lady picked us up the lyrics from the song on her radio was “We’re never going to get to France” which was hilarious!!) where we caught the Mont Blanc Express Train.  It was a beautiful train ride – it wove in and around the mountains, we tried so hard to take photos that would do it justice but decided to just sit back and enjoy the scenary instead.  We got to Chamonix, it was such a nice town, the streets and shops were lovely and we enjoyed browsing around.  We had crepes and coffee for lunch.  Caught the train back, but had to stop at a small station for an hour so we bought some cheese and wine and sat by the river.  Was the best day, I had so much fun, here are a few pictures:







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  1. Nice scenery! Glad you made your way okay.

    I know what song you’re talking about with the France reference. It seems to be popular in Europe, but I have no idea what it’s supposed to mean.

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