Arriving in Leeds – Wednesday 14th September


Said goodbye to London and the wonderful hospitality of the the Bowmans and caught a train to Leeds from Kings Cross Station (Many thanks to David who came with me on the tube and helped me carry all my luggage!! – much appreciated!) The train ride took just under 3 hours and was really pleasant, passed the city quickly and were in the open country for most of it.  Got off at Leeds and there was a stand for international students, they gave me a welcome pack and helped me catch a taxi to my accommodation (St Mark’s).  Picked up my key and found my block, it wasn’t quite what I was expecting but met Felicity from Perth who is living in the room next to me.  Started to unpack my things then decided to walk down to the shops.  The walk from my room to ‘Morrisons’ (Woolworths equivilent) took about 20 mins and was really easy to find – I just followed the constant stream of people walking up ahnd down the main road with shopping bags.  It was super hectic inside, I bought more than I could carry so thought of getting a taxi back but had no idea how or where to get one –  then a really lovely girl randomly offered me her phone to call one which was so nice.  Got back to my house where I met Vanessa from Italy and Frida  from China. Then Pina from Italy arrived back with her father.  Did some more unpacking and then Vanessa, Pina, her father and I went out and had dinner at an Italian restaurant which was really nice.  Have been trying to decorate my room so will post some photos when I’m done.


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