Before Leeds 11th-13th


I am really behind in this which I am disappointed about as I am using this as a diary to help me remember my holidays, a quick summary of the last days of my holidays – between Switzerland and Leeds.

Sunday: Church and then spent the afternoon at Morden Hall Park, sat and wrote some letters, enjoyed the parkland and being outside.

Monday: Caught the train to Windsor and went to the castle, unfortunately it was an even day so there was no changing of the guards.  Was a beautiful castle, inside and out.  There was a tour from the castle gates around the wall and up to the main entrance of the state rooms by ‘Gil’.  Went and saw the famous Dolls house (extremely cool!!) and all the state rooms (more beautiful furniture and paintings).  There was a special exhibition about the Duke of Edinborough to celebrate his 90th b’day and had lots of photos.  Walked to Eton and fed some swans in the river – there were some big geese as well that were chasing me along the river!!

Tuesday: Caught a train to Portsmouth and spent the morning at the Historic Dockyard where I went into the HMS Victory, Warrior and looked at the Mary Rose Exhibition which were all very cool – my favourite was the Mary Rose – which was a ship that sank in 1545, and then the ship wreck was discovered in 1971.  So they brought it up (took 10 years to conserve it while they brought it up) and now have all these artifacts that they preserved from the ship and give a picture of what life was like in 1545!  Then I caught a ferry over to the Isle of Wight.  The ride over was really rocky as it was so windy, I was sitting up the top outside and it was crazy, the Steward had to lead me to the steps because I was being blown all over the place!!  I loved the Isle of Wight, would definitely go back again, I only had a short  time there so took a bus which drove part way around the island, it was so pretty – very green and country!  Stopped at Sansdown and walked along the beach then got the bus back (I sat up on the second level at the front so had great views driving back).


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