Scarborough Sunday 4th December


Did a day trip to Scrborough with K, C & C.  I stupidly forgot my camera so all photos are curtesy of Christina and Claudette 🙂

The trip up was fun – we caught the train and played cards wrote funny stories so the time passed quickly.

When we got there we walked down to the beach through the town and walked  around the beach – it was strange being near water when it was so cold!  I put my hand in the water and it was freezing – I wasn’t game to put my foot in!

We walked up through town, the main street follows the beach so one side is the sand and the other shops – but not the ordinary kind of shops, all carnival shops – like the kind you would find at a circus so there were dogem cars, moving clown heads, bowling alleys and luckydips etc.  It felt like we were walking through a sideshow alley – it was all very bright!

The castle was on the edge of the town, on top of the hill looking down on the beach so we walked up and along the wall.  We were really high up and got some good photos of the town and a really pretty view of the water.

We sat by the water and ad fish and chips for lunch – it was nice to have hot food as it was so cold and windy and I was freezing!!

We then walked to the city centre and it started to pour with rain!  Luckily it was time for me to go back on the train as it was getting dark.  But a fun day and nice to get out of my room as I had been studying a lot!!

IMG_1738IMG_1749IMG_1803  DSCN1194 DSCN1209IMG_1813


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