I’ll take this post to describe a little bit about Leeds so you can get a picture of what my life is like here:

I’m staying in St Marks Residences which is self-contained little flats.  I’m sharing a kitchen and bathroom with 4 other girls and although its pretty old its so close to the uni.  I only wish that there was a common room or living area to hang out in.

The campus is great – so much bigger than what I was expecting, its a real mix of old buildings and new modern ones.  There is a big student union building which has cafes, bars, a hairdresser, optometrist, bookshop, food hall and even a supermarket in it!!  There is one really cute cafe called ‘the hidden cafe’ which sells tea in quaint china tea cups and saucers!! 

The people here are all really friendly –  taxi drivers or bus drivers say ‘love’ on the end of every sentence (eg: thanks love, that will be two seventy love, platform eight love etc) which I find hilarious.  I’ve made some lovely friends, both international and local.

I spent a few weeks visiting local churches and decided to just pick one, Gateway, which is a morning service and very different to what church is like back home, but the people are really friendly and welcoming and I’ve joined a small group which I went to the first time this week and enjoyed it.

The city is amazing – takes about 20 mins to walk into and you seriously are then in the middle of it.  There are so many shops and there is a huge market which is great. 

The weather was wonderful the first week but has since gone cold and rainy everyday.  I’ve noticed it getting darker – especially in the mornings.  I’m on the look out for a pair of waterproof shoes!!  Although its cold I think the rain is more annoying as it comes and goes whenever so you always have to be prepared with a rainjacket (umbrellas are a little harder to use because of the wind).  But today was sunny and beautiful and I went for a nice walk in the park near St Marks.  It is turning to Autumn and today all the leaves on the ground looked so pretty – when its raining they aren’t so nice!!

There is a NCS equivelant at the uni – and they have a weekend away soon which I’m looking forward to.  Sorry this has just been lots of typing – I will post photos next time. xx


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