York – Friday 7th October


I had no class on Friday and neither did Claudette and Christina so we decided to do a day trip to York.  We caught a bus there – it took about an hour.  York is a brilliant old town which has a pretty much in-tact wall surrounding the city centre – some built by different people in different time periods which was cool to see the different styles reflecting their builders.  We spent the day walking around it – it was cool to be higher than the street and looking down and out of the city. We then went to Shambles – one of the original streets which was very narrow and now has little shops. There was a market out the back where I saw this moustache cup – have never even heard of one before and think its hiliarious – but practical I guess!! Had lunch in a old pub called ‘The Three Tunns.’  We then went to York Minster which was so beautiful, the whole day we could see it where ever we were – it was so big!

It was realy pretty inside.  There was a sign saying that it needs 20 000 pounds PER DAY to run which I seriously can’t believe.  There was a wedding in the main area so we only saw the entrance but the ceilings were amazing.  We then walked around the gardens nearby, were entranced by more squirrels, and then walked around more of the wall.  A fantastic day, there was lots more to see – so will definitely have to go back.



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