Brewery – Saturday 15th October


Was a beautiful Saturday morning – there was even blue sky!!  I went for a walk in Hyde Park which is really close to where I live.  I can tell that Autumn has arrived, all the trees are starting to change their leaf colours and they are starting to fall.  Its nice if its a fine day because all the leaves are crunchy but if its a wet day they line the gutters like mush.  It was really quiet this morning, not many people about.  Then I met my housemates and walked to the uni steps as we had booked a Brewery Tour with the uni.

The Brewery was a privately owned place, in the middle of an industrial area of Leeds.  But they had a nice bar area where they had 3 different types of ale available to try.  I’m not the biggest fan of beer, I liked the lighter one.  They provided lunch and then showed us around the factory part:


Met a few more exchange students and we enjoyed just sitting talking and drinking, after the tour we went and got coffee together which was nice.


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