Week 17th-22nd October


Have had a pretty ordinary week – no exciting trips, just been enjoying the fact that I’m in England!!  I still get those random moments when I stop and think ‘I’m in England!!’

Uni has stepped up and become much harder – I have lots of assignments and independent study to do, but am still enjoying the classes.  For one subject I have to give a presentation with a group of 5 others – its been hard but hopefully we have come up with some cool ways to make it interesting. 

Friday night I went with Claudette to help out with ‘Streetlight’ run by the christian union (CU).  It involved getting rugged up in my warmest clothes and meeting others at the uni at 12pm.  For the next 3 hours we stood outside the uni nightclub and handed out water and biscuits to students who were coming/going and chatting if they wanted, it was really fun and had some good conversations.

Saw the new version of the movie ‘Jayne Eyre’ at the cinema – I really liked it, its such a sad story and I really liked this new version of it. 

Have been having some troubles with our accomodation in the last week:  blocked kitchen sink and toilet, fire alarms and tempremental heating. 🙂

Am trying to work out the next few weekends – involving visits to Nottingham, Germany (hopefully if I can find some flights) and Shropshire. 

Due to popular demand I am posting a few photos of my room here at St Mark’s:  


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