Bradford – Saturday 5th November


Had a really lovely long skype with my family back home, including Gran who was staying the night!  Skype is such an amazing thing and has made being over here so much easier. 

I then decided to make the most of my Saturday and go somewhere but I wasn’t sure where so I went down to the main bus station in Leeds and looked at where buses that were leaving soon were going and picked the one that went to Bradford.  It took about 40 mins to get there and turned out to be a really nice place.  The main city was full of beautiful old buildings and it was nice just walking around them taking photos. 


Then I walked around to the Bradford National Media Museum which was really big and new.  It had lots of displays showing the progress of media – from how cameras were invented and changed over time to radio and television.  It was very hands on and fun to see everything, there was even a floor where you could present the news at the news desk using a teleprompter – I was so bad at it! And a blue screen where you could do the weather announcements with all the hand gestures and pretending to show where the high wind front was coming from! hahaha.  There was a TV series set with proper cameras and you had to follow directions on how to get certain shots – like zooming in on the door and then following the actors when they walked through to the living room.  I had a ball!! 



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