CU weekend away 28th-30th October


This weekend I went to Shropshire with the Christian Union for their weekend away camp.  We left Friday afternoon (after I had spent a really enjoyable afteroon with Helen from my community group), the bus ride took about 3 hours because of traffic but it was a fun trip with beautiful scenery.

We got to the accommodation and set up our rooms – I was sharing with 2 other girls (one turned out to be – unknown to me before now – in my Country House and Museum Studies class!!)  There was dinner and then the first of 3 talks about ‘The Kingdom of God’ based around the Sermon on the Mount.  There was then a trivia game in groups (there was evdn one question that I could answer – ‘What’s the capital of Australia!?!?!?’)  That was a late night filled with meeting new people, playing card games (my hands are still sore from Irish snap) and talking, talking and more talking.

The next morning we had breakfast and then the second talk followed by a seminar – I chose one on prayer.  Then after lunch we had free time so I first played a weird card game with a group of girls where you have to figure out the rules as you go along!!  Then we went for a walk across into Wales.  It was quite wet and cold but totally worth it, it was so beautiful walking along the side of a river.  The bridge which separated England and Wales was really pertty – couldn’t stop taking photos of it! We walked through this really really long tunnel (over 400 meters long) which was pitch black inside.  It took about 10 mins to walk the whole way through, you had to rely on the hand rail to guide you cos you could see nothing!!  Every so often someone would take a photo so the flash would light up where the person in front of you was – it was cool!!


We had a bonfire that night which was very fun – lots of marshmellows and sparklers!!


It was a really great camp – I felt I got to know a few more people (the Monday after when I was at the CU meeting I felt like I recognised way more people!!)


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