Guy Fawkes Bonfire Night – Friday 4th Nov


It was Guy Fawkes night so I went with a group of friends from my church community group to watch the firework display and see the bonfire.  The funny thing was at the day had been beautiful – even saw the sun for a bit of the day but come 7pm when I had to walk up to the park it started pouring!!  Luckily I had bought some gumboots the day before (or Wellingtons as they call them here) so my feet stayed nice and dry and out of the mud.  Pretty much I had only ever heard of Guy Fawkes from an Enid Blyton famous five book so didn’t really know what it was about but they celebrate the fact that Guy Fawkes failed to blow up the House of Lords and that the King didn’t die!

Afterwards we all went back to Sara and Sarah’s house and had hot chocolates and just hung out talking and then watched the movie ‘Tangled’


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