Harrogate Friday 4th November


Friday had no class so Christina and I caught a bus to Harrogate, a town about 45 mins away from Leeds.  Took us a while to find the visitors information centre but once we got there we got a map and recommendations on how to spend our day.  First stop was to the Pump Room Museum which was a small museum which showed how the high sulphur content in the water was thought to be beneficial to health and the town was transformed into a place people went to stay so they could take the waters. There was also a random Egypt display and was cool (but felt really out of place!)  At the end of the museum we got to taste the water – we got given a tiny glass with a tiny amount and were told to not smell it and just swallow it!  Well it was disgusting!!  The most yucky smell and taste ever!!  Luckily (or rather cleverly) they were selling Harrogate Toffee for 20p a piece so we bought one each to suck on and get the awful taste out!!

We then walked around the Harrogate Parks which were really beautiful, they had some amazing flowers and the autumn leaves were a really nice colour.   I got incredibly close to a squirrel which was exciting!

We ended our day browsing the shops and streets after having lunch at a nice little cafe.  All up a really lovely way to spend a Friday!


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