Leeds Lights – Thursday 10th November


Today I had my country house & museum study lecture, we watched the first episode of Brideshead Revisited (the 1981 TV series).  I loved it and really want to watch the rest of the series.  Then I had lunch with my housemates and enjoyed the afternoon and did a little but of uni work.

Then we walked down to the millenium square in the city centre for the ‘turning on the christmas lights’ ceremony.  There were so so so many people there and we were a long way away from the stage but it was an incredible atmosphere.


I went with people from my CU small group – (at the back Kevin and Christina, then in the front Me, Megan, Anna and Claudette).  There was some guy who won the British X Factor who sung a few songs and then turned on the lights after everyone shouted the countdown and then there were some really cool fireworks.  Then there was a mad rush as everyone tried to leave!  We walked around the city centre and took photos of the lights then went back to Claudette and Christina’s house and had cups of tea.



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