What I’ve been up to lately – November


Have not been doing a lot in terms of travelling and sightseeing these past few weeks – uni has really started to get busy and I am realising that I only have 2 more weeks of uni lectures and then will be on holidays!!

Some highlights from the past two weeks:

Being able to wear my ‘wellingtons’ for reasons other than ‘they have a cool name’ and not having to worry about side-stepping puddles in the rain.

Visiting Elizabeth and Dave and their beautiful baby Charis in Nottingham.

Getting tickets to see Annie the musical for five pounds because I’m under 26.

Getting a little scared at the added security measures the university has put around my residences due to a serious number of attacks by local gangs

Celebrating Thanksgiving – there was even a turkey thanks to Christina!

Watching Australia v England in the Rugby 4 nations final (cheering not too loudly for Australia as the majority of watchers were English!!) at the Old Bar at uni with my friends Megan and Anna and going back to their house for dinner afterwards.

Experiencing the Leeds nightlife (including finding out what its like to get outed from a club as one of the girls used someone elses ID)

Eating a traditional Indonesian dish ‘Batagor’ at an Indonesian Bazaar – fish dumplings and tofu in a satay sauce with Davina.

Walking around the German Christmas Markets (which are here until Christmas Eve) with my housemate Frida and Buying my first Christmas decoration from the market.

Going to the Leeds monthly markets with Natalie from America- we bought roasted chestnuts from a man selling them from a little cart.  They were very difficult to eat – we were unsure of how to peel them and thought the effort was greater than the reward – but they were great at keeping our hands warm!

Getting lots of exciting mail

Going to Temple Newsam on a class excursion and spending a few hours walking around the house museum and then sitting at the cafe with some friends from my class drinking tea and discussing it.

Figuring out that I need to start watching Neighbours if I ever want to fit into England as it seems everyone here loves it.

Being studious with the rest of my housemates – while they have essays due Monday mine aren’t due til Janurary (but I’m trying to get them done before Christmas)

Making paper chain christmas decorations for the Chrisitan Union upcoming Carols concert and going around handing out fliers about it with mince pies.

Organising our trip to Ireland! (will be there for my birthday!) and researching (by that I mean listening to the P.S I love you soundtrack and planning to watch it again as well as ‘Waking Ned Divine’ and episodes of ‘BallyKissAngel’ before we go)

Being introduced to the British commedian Michael McIntyre http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgUpDGAIdds


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  1. Sounds like it’s been a great November! Guess what I opened on the 24th? A lovely card from you! We miss you heaps. On the last day of exams, we realised we should have brought cupcakes for Lucy and Nerissa’s b’days but no one had done it- if you were there it would have happened, I’m certain. Love you lots, thanking God for you and praying for you. Kate D xo

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