Pre-Christmas in Leeds!


The last week of official university lectures came and went so fast – it was strange knowing that they were the last lectures I will have over here, a bit sad really as it just reminds me that my time over here is quickly finishing up – the lectures were mostly on exams which made me feel a little unprepared, but they aren’t til January so I have a little bit of time to prepare for them yet.

This week felt like a mini christmas in itself as everyone was planning all sorts of Christmas celebrations before everyone went home.  (notice the abundance of christmas hats in all the photos!!)

The Christian Union carol concert was a sucess – over 800 people came, the hall was so packed!  All the songs sounded so great with everyone singing them!  My housemates and some uni friends came.  Went out for dinner with 2 american girls beforehand – they had never had christmas crackers before so I felt very priviledged be there when they opened them!

My community group had a chrismas dinner cooked by Tessa to mark the last group for the semester so my last time there.  It was super fun.  We did a secret santa and I got a pencil case from paperchase (my favourite place at the moment!!) with the union jack on it so a very suitable souvenir!!I am really going to miss all those wonderful people who were so welcoming and friendly!

Went to my friend Sofia’s house for a Swedish christmas afternoon tea – she had made traditional swedish foods like saffron buns, ginger snaps and mulled wine!   I wrote down her recipe to try and make a gingerbread house in the week before Christmas.

I was invited to share a christmas meal with Sara and Sarah – two amazing girls from my bible study- it was so nice to be invited into someones home 🙂 we watched ‘the grinch who stole christmas’ and had an amazing roast dinner cooked by the two of them.  They had bought me birthday presents as well which was super sweet of them.  It was such a fun night and one I’ll treasure forever!

Had a study day on Friday in the library with Frankie from my New Testament class – we realised just how much we have to remember for Jan!!

Had a house christmas lunch before we all went our separate ways for the holidays.  I introduced the girls to our family christmas tradition of seeing who could wear their paper hat the longest – Pina won 🙂 Frida and I spent one night together busy decorating our house with tissue paper made snowflakes and stinging up christmas decorations!

I had set myself crazy deadlines for my essays – I didn’t meet all of them but I did manage to finish my 6000 word one.  The other 2 I’m now working on this week before Christmas!

I bought an advent calendar

Saw Annie at the playhouse with Rebecca, Claudette and Christina –  it was fantastic!!  They were all so talented!!  I had ‘Its a hard knock life’ stuck in my head for days afterwards and couldn’t stop whistling/singing it!!!

I received an abundance of mail this week – including a very special package of t2 tea! Also lots of birthday cards and letters!  Thank you to everyone – it made my mailbox and me extremely happy!!

It snowed for the first time in Leeds!!  There wasn’t enough snow for it to settle on the ground but enough to get all the international students excited and outside running around in it!  I’m still waiting for the ground to be covered but for now we just have icy winds!

So thats my week – we then went to Ireland and I have lots to say on that subject but right now I have to get back to my essay for a little bit.


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