Friday 9th December – Dublin


Beginning of a wonderful week.  Claudette and I stayed up late on Thursday night after seeing Annie and went to bed after 12 because we were discussing our trip.  We had to wake up at three and catch a taxi to the airport.  I couldn’t sleep (too excited) so spent those three hours lying in my bed, reading and listening to music.  Needless to say I was really tired once we got to the airport and wanted to sleep!!  We wandered through the duty free shops and then sat and had a coffee and waited for our plane.  Linning up to get on the plane was stressful, since we were only going for a week we didn’t buy check in luggage so we were only allowed one piece of hand luggage that had to fit the right measurements.  My backpack was fine in terms of length but a little too wide to fit in so I was trying to squash it to the right shape and wore all my jackets.  I didn’t think it would have fit and I was freaking out as we got closer to the man who was making everyone measure their hand luggage.  But incredibly when we got to the line he went away and made an announcement so a few of us just walked on through!!   Our flight was pretty non-eventful – it was only 40 mins!  The crazy thing was that it was dark when we left and when we landed!!  We got through immigration very quickly (faster than the EU line as the majority of the people on our flight had EU passports) – got another stamp in my passport.  We had to wait at the airport for out free bus transfer to our accommodation so we sat and had breakfast.  I slept on the bus to the hostel so was feeling better once we arrived and checked in. We were so excited to be in IRELAND!!

We decided to go on a walking tour of the city.  It was really cool – there were only about 6 others on it and our guide was very funny and knowledgable.  It went for about 3 hours – he took us around the city to places like the Dublin Castle, Museum of archeology, Trinity college, the Old Viking area and the river telling us mostly about the history and culture of Ireland.  I had no idea of the extent of the Irish history and how oppressed the country was up until 1998!  We saw places which we wouldn’t have found on our own so it was well worth it.  The only negative aspect of the tour was that it was absolutely freezing and since we were walking around and stopping to listen to our guide we were ice blocks by the time it finished.

Claudette and I went shopping afterwards for warm clothing – we bought beanies and snoods (loop scarfs which are super warm!)  The city centre was really beautiful with so many fairy lights and groups singing christmas carols everywhere.  The Christmas window displays were also so amazing and everyone was busy Christmas shopping.

Were really exhauseted that night so we made spaghetti bolognase for dinner and stayed in.  Our hostel was great – in a really good location close to the city and really friendly staff. Such a wonderful start to our trip!  Some difficulties were encounted by both Kevin and Christina with their flights so they both arrived the next morning.



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