Saturday 10th December – Cliffs of Moher and Killarney


The start of our two day tour! Had an early start from Dublin – the four of us (Claudette, Kevin and Christina and I) got on a big bus with lots of other tourists and we drove to Galway which is on the other side of Ireland.  We then stopped and swapped buses which was great – we joined a smaller tour group of 10 other younger travellers.  This was my first experience with an organised tour and it turned out to be so much fun.  Our driver/tour guide Darren was really funny and would tell us funny stories and jokes and also information about where we were and what we were seeing.  Claudette and I were at the front right behind him so we talked to him lots. 

We drove down to Doolin stopping at Dunguaire Castle, Corcomroe Abbey – each time we had about 20 mins to get out and take photos/walk around.  (which was long enough as we would be so cold by the time we got back on the bus.) 

We drove down to the Cliffs of Moher and stopped at two different spots – the first place the cliffs were smaller but still spectacular and there were no barriers so you could get really close to the edge. It was so windy it was a little scary looking down. 🙂  Our second stop was AMAZING!  We walked up one side of the coast which gave us amazing views of the cliffs on the other side.  I couldn’t believe how beautiful they were – and so high!!  We walked the other way and were even higher and took even more photos of this beautiful place. 

Back on the bus and we drove inland towards Kilarney.  I can honestly say the country-side is the most beautiful here in Ireland – I think better than in England (sorry England)  Its just so green and fresh and I’m such a sucker for stone walls and hedges lining the fields where the sheep live!!  Got to our hostel and got ready to go out for dinner – our guide had booked us a table at an Irish pub.  Had Irish Stew for dinner which was nice and had my first taste of guiness (didn’t love it but I when in Ireland…)  We moved onto 2 pubs – each wth live bands playing amazing Irish songs (Galway girl is played everywhere which I love!!)  At the last place even had a dance with an Irish guy!  I love the music, its so fun and folky and makes you want to dance!!


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