Friday 16th December – Dublin – Leeds


Woke up sad because I knew that this was my last day in Ireland.  I walked into the city centre and saw the Book of Kells which was back on display!!  It was so amazing and I’m so glad I went back to see it,  I couldn’t believe how small it was and yet how detailed and perfect it was!  I bought a postcard of the page that it was open to as I wasn’t allowed to take any photos.  Did some souvenir shopping had tea in a pretty tea shop and read my book.  I was actually really exhausted from such an amazing week and I think looking back I should have done a day trip and gotten out of the city but oh well.  Got to the airport – my flight was delayed a little but I was immersed in my P. D James book that I didn’t really care.  One of the flight attendants was so funny while he was giving the safely demonstration – he kept yawning!!  I know it was past 9:30 but me and the guy who was next to me couldn’t stop laughing every time he yawned!  It wasn’t just once or twice but continually as he showed us where the nearest exits were, how to out on our lifejackets and where to read the extra info etc!! I got back into Leeds late and got a taxi back to St Marks.

I found some birthday cards in my mailbox which picked me up– I was sad to have to end my holiday in Ireland. It was such an amazing week and one I will always treasure!  It makes me recognise how lucky I am to have these opportunities to travel and explore and marvel at the beauty of the God’s creation.  I most definitely want to go back to Ireland one day – K,C, C and I were joking about a 5 year reunion!


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