Thursday 15th December – Belfast – Dublin


Slept so well last night but woke up with a sore throat.  Christina and I didn’t really know what to do so we found a map and decided to walk up to Queens University.  It was a really beautiful campus (I had considered going there originally and seeing it made me kind of wish I had gone there but then I remembered all the amazing friends I’ve made here in Leeds and wouldn’t change it for the world!)  There was a graduation ceremony going on so lots of students dressed up in their grad gowns taking photos which really added to the atmosphere of the university. Next to the uni is the Botanical Gardens and we walked around them.  Even in winter is was beautiful but I would love to go back in summer or spring and see it.  There was a huge greenhouse which was unbelievable inside – we spent a while just looking at all the different types of plants and flowers.  There was also a tropical ravine where you walked around the edge and looked down into this tropical rainforest!  Was so cool!

We had a look at the new museum which was pretty cool and then ate some lunch and then walked down to the city hall in the centre of the town where Christmas markets were held.  I caught a bus back to Dublin – slept most of the way!  It was strange to have a night to myself after spending a week with so many people.


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