Wednesday 14th December – Belfast – Giants Causeway


Christina and I had booked a spot on the day trip to the Giants Causeway which left early.  Our driver was funny just like the last tour.  The drive to the causeway was great – it started snowing and soon everything was covered in thick snow!  Now I’ve seen snow and skied so many times but there is something different about snow here – it was so beautiful: a layer of snow landing on the wooden fences, box hedges and fir trees – it was like someone had come along with icing sugar and dusted everything!  All the houses looked like little gingerbread houses with their snow topped roofs and bright coloured doors!  I felt sorry for the sheep trying to find grass under the thick blanket of snow!

Our first stop was at the ‘Carrick-a-rede rope bridge’ which was on the coast.  We all got out of the bus and walked along the cliff side for about 15 mins til we came to a rope bridge suspended from the main land to a tiny little island.  It was pretty high and just waves and rocks below but fun to walk across and it swayed pretty hard which was cool!  It was a really beautiful place – like we were on the edge of the world as all we could see when we looked out was the ocean!  It was a really beautiful place in a rugged way as the sky was grey and the waves were crashing onto the rock face.

We walked back to the bus and drove onto the Giants Causeway, our driver telling us a funny story about how it was made by Giants but it is really formed by lava heating and cooling and rising.  Its on the coast again and such a peculiar place.  It was all rocks in hexagonal colums of different sizes which created steps.  They were a bit slippery from the waves crashing on them but cool to walk up on and got some brilliant views.  It was just so strange that all the rocks were these shapes – it looked man made but at the same time natural –  hard to express what it was like so I’m glad you can see the photos!!

We drove to Londonderry which is famous because ‘Bloody Sunday’ occurred there.  We walked along the wall that was built which divided the English from the Irish – it was so high and really thick!  We had lunch and drove back to Belfast on the scenic route up through the highest point in Northern Ireland!  There was more snow and it was just as beautiful.  This time the sun was setting so the sky reflected onto the snow – first pinks and then yellows! It was so lovely to see all the mountains and fields in the distance also covered in snow and when we passed small villages the houses looked so pretty with their Christmas lights and Christmas trees in the windows!  We got back to our hostel and then made BLT’s for dinner and played cards and drank tea.  An incredible day.


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