Seaton Delaval Hall – Newcastle 19th December


I had to visit Seaton Delaval Hall – a country house estate so I could write my essay in which I needed to compare and contrast a National Trust property (Seaton) with Temple Newsam (the country house museum we went on our class excursion to)

Christina came with me, we had an early start and caught a train to Newcastle and eventually found the right bus stop where we caught a bus out to the house.  It was very cold and miserable weather so there was hardly anyone else at the house except the volunteers and workers so it meant I could ask and ask and ask the volunteers lots of questions about the history of the house and information about the furniture etc.  Took lots of photos and notes for my essay.  We explored the old main house that was destroyed by fire in 1822, the stone stables, the cellars under the house, the west wing which had all the furniture and paintings, the huge gardens which were so pretty.

We had soup for lunch then went back to Newcastle city centre where we walked around the University of Newcastle, it was a nice campus but there were lots of rennovation works going on and it was pouring with rain. It felt weird to be surrounded with signs everywhere saying ‘University of Newcastle’ as it made me feel like I was back in the Australian Newcastle!! I was tempted to buy a jumper that said “University of Newcastle” becasue it was so much cheaper than buying one in Australia and they had nicer colours but I really don’t have room in my suitcase to bring it back.

We browsed the shops – bought ‘Balderdash’ for 2 pounds from a second hand shop – looked really new!!  We thought it would be a cool game to take to Scotland with us.

Becasue it was so cold and wet we decided that it was time to get back on the train to go home – it was so crowded though – we had to stand for half of the way!


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