27th December: More exploring of London


Caught the tube into Covent Garden where I walked around the markets and shops, bought some cute earrings with pressed flowers inside.  Looked around the christmas decorations including a massive reindeer with fairy lights, a big christmas tree and a nativity scene that was a modern interpretation of the stable scene in a moving photo.

Met Uncle Jeff, Aunty Susan and David at Hammersmith where we went and saw the pantomine ‘Aladdin.’ I had never been to a pantomine before so wasn’t sure what to expect but it was so funny, I was laughing so much!!  There was lots of audience participation so we were booing at the bad guy and shouting out things to the characters.  We had amazing seats,  on the first tier at the front so we had a great veiw looking right onto the stage.  They used current songs but changed the lyrics to fit in with the Aladdin story which were clever and there were the traditional songs mixed in as well.  There was a character in drag costume who was very funny.  We had icecream in the intermission and then the second act was just as funny.  They did the magic carpet really well, I couldn’t see any wires or cables but they were flying around the stage and over the audience at the front … brilliant!!

After the show we went to walk around the city to see the Christmas lights and decorations.  We went to Trafalgar square, up Regent street to Oxford street, New and Old Bond street and Picadilly circus … felt like I was walking around a monopoly board!!  Each street had different designed lights and themed docorations and the shops mostly had their christmas displays still up. (although some had already changed them to ‘Sale’)  It was really busy, everyone was there for the sales.  I got a steroetypical photo in a red telephone box.

We had a fancy 3 course dinner at a restaurant called ‘Criterion’  in West End, it was such a beautiful restaurant – the ceiling was a mozaic of gold patterned tiny tiles.  It was one of those days which made me fall in love with London even more if thats possible.


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