28th December – You can never spend too much time in London.


I had a day in the city by myself, I went to the West End in search of a ticket to see a musical – I really wanted to see either Les Miserables or Phantom of the Opera but as I went around to ticket vendors selling last minute tickets there were none left.  I ended up getting a ticket to see The Lion King later that night.  I then went to Harrods and looked around – it was incredibly busy and expensive (even with their 30% sale) but it was so nice looking around, the rooms were really cool as they were all different in theme (eg: the Egyptian handbag room, the writing room or the time room) but my favourite was the foodhall – the ceiling and walls had amazing plastered decorations that were so colourful – I could have looked at them for ages (and did!!)

I then walked down the to V & A gallery which had an exhibition on craft – but not the typical crafty things you would think of but interesting creations and inventions like spray on fabric, a lion carved coffin and a dress made of pins for example!!  I booked a session at the outdoor skating rink which was next door at the National History Museum for later when it was darker so I went to Kennsington Gardens and walked around the parkland.  It was such a beautiful sunny day (still cold though) so it was really nice walking around, I saw the water fountain memorial for Princess Diana and then sat down and had a cup of tea and a piece of orange and lavender cake.  It was really relaxing watching the sun start to set over the water seperating Kensington Gardens with Hyde Park.

Walked back to the N.H Museum and had a look inside – there was an exhibition of ‘Wildlife Photo of the Year’ so I went to that – there were some incredible photos of animals in the coolest settings or situations.  I also went into the earth area of the museum – it was very cool, you could easily spend 2 weeks in that museum looking around.  But I had to go to my iceskating session which was amazing!!  It was dark so lots and lots of fairy lights were on the trees and there was Christmas songs over the speakers – it was such a great atmosphere.  It was just like the movies – everyone skating in the same direction and all rugged up in hundreds of layers cos it was so cold!

When it was finished I caught a tube to the Lyceum Theatre to see the Lion Kind!  My seat was pretty high up but it meant I got to see the whole stage.  I had seen the Lion King in Sydney a long time ago – Ma had bought the whole family tickets and it was so amazing – it was just as fantastic this time as well!  I had goosebumps most of the time – especially in the opening song ‘Circle of Life’ where the sun comes up and the singers and the animals keep appearing from all over the theatre.  I had forgotten how cool the costumes were – the life size elephant to the giraffes on stilts.  I was so happy watching it – the music was amazing, great voices – a mixture of classic Lion King songs and also African songs.  Another wonderful day!!


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