29th December – A Day in Dorking


Went to Dorking for the day to see Anna and Megan (2 lovely friends from Leeds who are from Dorking)  The train only took 1/2 hour to get there and they met me at the station.  Dorking is such a lovely town – very green and pretty and not too big.  We went to Denbies – a massive vineyard nearby where they had a really nice tea room so we had morning tea and spent ages just talking and catching up.

We drove to Box Hill on a windy road up through the countryside, we got really high up and at the look out the veiw was beautiful! – Overlooked the town of Dorking and green pastures that went forever!  Driving back was interesting (top marks to Megan for getting us around annoying cyclists), it was so pretty – the road was so narrow that the trees arched over.

We drove to Megans house and had lunch which included ‘Colin the Catapillar’ cake and then we went to the main street of Dorking and looked at the shops – aquarium and pet store plus clothing shops and then went to Anna’s house and had a cup of tea and met her family.  Took lots of funny photos before heading back to London.  It was such a lovely day catching up with these two amazing girls who have been such a blessing to me while I’ve been in Leeds.


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