31st December – HAPPY NEW YEAR!


New Years Eve – We all slept in after the torch procession last night so went to an Irish pub for breakfast.  We then walked around the castle up to Princes street where they were setting up for the street party and through an old graveyard.  We then made our way to an Australian Bar in time to celebrate New Years Eve Sydney Time.  We watched the fireworks on the tv surrounded by so many Australians!!  We stayed for an hour so we could also celebrate Queenslands NYE for Claudette.

I then went and got on a hop-on hop-off bus which really helped me see the city and understand the layout plus gave me an idea of what I wanted to see in more detail.  Went back to the Main street and looked around the shops before meeting up with the others and going to buy some ingredients to cook dinner.  We played Janga with some others staying at the hostel and then got ready to go out (ie put on more layers)  Walked up to the street party around 9:30 and walked around.  It was such a huge area, there were 5 stages with different bands so we would walk up and listen to one for a little while before moving on down the street to another.  There was a ferris wheel so we lined up and finally got on and it was really worth it – we got an incredible veiw of the street and by this time there were so many people that it was so packed and looked like a sea of people.

Afterwards we walked around again but because it was so crowded it was more like being pushed along by the current of people moving.  We found some people from our hostel and started to look for a good place to stand for the fireworks.  We got a great location – right infront of the castle where they were going off (we knew it was going to be good because next to us were all the film and camera crew)  We waited for about 1/2hour trying to stand our ground as it was getting more and more crowded and then it was finally midnight and the fireworks went off!!  They they lasted about 10 mins and were so beautiful!  They seemed to stay in the sky for so long before fading away – they were just so big and colourful and it was so cool to be outside watching them go off!!  I tried to take a video and a few photos but they don’t really capture how cool it was.

After the fireworks the crowds dispersed and we slowly made our way back to the hostel, it was a nice walk and it was a happy atmosphere of everyone celebrating the new year.  Sat in the ‘posh lounge’ of the hostel with Christina and then Claudette and we stayed up til about 3am just talking and drinking tea.  All up such an amazing way to spend New Years Eve!!



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