Last Day in Edinburgh: 5th January


Woke upso refreshed today, Christina and I attempted to make pancakes but they turned out more like crepes which were still nice with blueberries and yughurt.  We checked out and then Christina and I went and explored Edinburgh Castle.  It was less busy with most of the people in Edinburgh for NYE had already gone home.  There was a half hour guided tour which took us around the outside walls and coutyard and our guide pointed out all the places to go see.  We headed to the crown jewels first, there were really interesting displays describing the history of them which I had never known like the fact that they were smuggled out of the castle before the Englsih could destroy them, then returned a few years later and then put in a padlocked chest and not opened for 111years beofre finally being opened again and put on display!!  They weren’t as the English Crown Jewels at the Tower of London but they were still really impressive!  We looked at some rooms which used to be the dinning hall and parlour rooms but now restored and decorated with paintings and big fireplaces but otherwise empty.  There was so mauch information about Mary Queen of Scots!!  there were POW quarters on display which were really interesting and there was a huge War Memorial Hall which had so many books which had names of soliders killed in battle. After the castle we walked around the castle, it was so sunny – not a cloud in the sky but it was so windy and cold!  Did some last minute shopping – finally decided on a tarten scarf pattern and then we all got the train back to Leeds.


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