Memories of Leeds in the last few weeks


My second last week in Leeds consisted of:

– Studying … and coming to the realisation that you should have put more time and effort in during the semester and not left it all to the last minute.

– Living in the Library … once I realised that I was way more productive in the library rather than my room I pretty much would claim a desk or computer and stay there for incredibly long times.  Every so often I would bump into Claudette doing the same thing so we would go for coffee breaks where our conversations consisted of stressing out about how much work we had to do and not wanting to leave Leeds!

– Essays and exams … writing 2 essays and sitting 2 exams was definitely stressful, I got both essays in ontime though and the exams, although difficult at least I managed to write something for each question.

– Pack, Pack, Pack … its amazing how much I managed to accumulate in 5 months, I had come to really love my little room in Leeds and it was sad to take down all the photos and decorations and wonderful things people had posted me.

– Organising Paris … a spontaneous trip to Paris with Christina was decided so we spent a few late nights finding accommodation and working out what we would see.

– But my favourite times of the week …  going over to Claudette and Christina’s house for study breaks where lots of tea was drunk, baileys was finished, pancakes were made, thoughts and fears about returning were shared and just quality time was spent.


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