My hall group!


My hall group has been amazing!

It was run through the University Christian Union.

We met most Wednesday nights at Anna and Megans house which was a short walk from St Mark’s.  Kevin, Christina and Claudette also came and I loved meeting at the gate and all walking over together.

Anna and Thomas were our leaders and our numbers varied but Megan, Claudette, Christina, Thomas, Anna, Katie, Joey, Kevin and I made up then core group.  For the first half hour or so would drink tea and coffee and talk about what we have been up to that week, play a card or board game or just share funny stories – pretty much talk about anything really! Then we would open the bible, we were looking at Luke and would do a bible study together.  It was great to share ideas and thoughts on God’s word as well as be challenged to look deeper at his word.We would end our nights with a big prayer session and we would all go around and share a praise point and a prayer point then have open prayer.

I am going to miss this group of amazing people so much when I return home – they were such a blessing and answer to prayer.



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