Paris – 14th Jan


Christina and I didn’t sleep the night before we left for Paris – our flight left from Manchester which meant we needed to catch a taxi to the Leeds train station and then a train to the Manchester airport!  So we stayed up and our taxi came at 2:4 am.  We had breakfast in the airport and then got on our flight – it was such a quick flight – only exciting thing was that I was sitting next to the emergency exit so I had extra leg room and had to be told how to open the emergency exit door.  I was so exhausted that I slept most of the way.  We sailed through immigration (got another stamp in my passport) but it took us a while to work out where we were going and how to get to our hostel as there was not much English around.  But we found our train and tram and then walked the rest of the way.    It wasn’t the greatest hostel we had stayed in – in fact it was rather small and dirty but we figured we wouldn’t be spending much time there so it didn’t really matter.  We got a map from reception and made our way to the Eiffel tower as it was really close to our hostel and got so excited when we could see the top of of it behind some buildings.  I was totally gobsmacked at just how big it was – we struggled to get a photo of us and the tower all in!!  But it looked beautiful in the BLUE SKY and SUNSHINE!!  (such a novelty for us as it had been a long time since we had experienced both!!)  It was still very cold though.  We spent a while under the Eiffel tower – it was such so incredibly enormous!   The four big pillars were just massive and from the base, looking up was insane!!  I liked how it was decorated – not just straight pieces of metal but curved details and so many different patterns around the edges which the photos I’d seen of the tower don’t show.  We had lunch at a place nearby although we didn’t know really what the menu said so I just pointed to something on the special board and it turned out to be a delicious cheese and ham quiche. 

After lunch we walked along the river Seine towards the Louve, it was quite a deceivingly long walk from the map but we were in no hurry so it was nice to be near the water and see the busy traffic jams, the shops on the side of the path selling books and paintings and just be in the sun!!!  The Louve was massive – I had no idea it was going to be so impressive!!  We went down the glass pyramid to get tickets.  We didn’t have a whole lot of time before closing time so we hit up the big things like the Mona Lisa (was bigger than what I was expecting and really cool but crowded so we only had a few minutes in front of it) We decided since we were in Paris we should look at French art so went to that section but we could have seriously spent such a long time there since there was such a huge range of art and so many sections and corridors!  We were totally exhausted by closing time so we caught the metro back and went to bed really early.


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