Paris – 16th Jan – DISNEYLAND!


We had planned to spend Monday at Versailles but found out that it and most of Paris’ main attractions were closed on a Monday so we decided to go to Disneyland!!  I was super excited – maybe a tad too excited but as I’ve never been to Disneyland before I felt I was entitled to feel this way.  Luckily I was going with experienced Disneylander Christina.  The train trip out was pretty quick and we had no trouble getting in as it was a weekday in low season which meant the whole day we had literally no lines or ques!!!  After getting over our initial excitement of being at Disneyland we decided to visit Discoveryland first and went on the spacemountain: Mission 2 Rollercoaster.  It said waiting time would be 5 mins but that was just the time it took to walk to the actual ride!!  I would hate to have been there when the ques were as long as they cater for!  It was an awesome rollercoaster – got quite knocked around as it did lots of loop-the-loops and crazy turns.  Got off with shaky legs but a big smile!  Next was Autopia – driving cars around a track (I was terrible at steering – hope its not an indicator of what my driving will be like when I return to Australia)

Went to Fantasy land and  did the ‘Its a small world’ ride – the song returns to my head even now as I type this up!!  It was definitely as they say “The happiest cruise that ever sailed”  Spun around in a purple teacup, sailed on the Peter Pan ship and rode the pretttiest horse on the carrosel and felt like I was in Mary Poppins!!  Then we went through the massive big castle that was in the centre of Disneyland – Sleeping Beauty’s castle.  It was just so pretty and had some nice shops inside and a dragon dungeon below.  The music in Fantasy land was just so magical and prncess-like, I loved it!!

Next up was Adventure land – saw Minnie Mouse and a few other characters but everytime we went up to take a photo they were just leaving and would only choose one or two little kids to have photos with … don’t they know I’m a little kid too just wanting a photo with Minnie!?!?  There was a Peter Pan show at Adventure land but it was all in French so although cool to watch, we didn’t stay til the end.  Walked around getting lost in caves and underground passages the went on the Pirates of the Carribean ride.  Went up the treehouse from the Swiss Family Robinsons (want to read the book again) it was amazing – went up so high, seriously the best tree house ever!!  Went on the Indianna Jones and the Temple of Peril rollercoaster which was an outside rollercoaster and rather scary – did a little bit of screaming on that one!

Had our lunch on a bench looking at the castle listening to the disneyland music then went to Frontier Land and in the Phantom Manor which was really scary but cool – everyone got squished into a room and then the floor dropped and we then filed into little booths which took us around the house.  It was actually really well done and felt like a haunted house! When we were leaving the guy who was helping people get off the rides safely gave Christina a fright by screaming at her!!  Was hilarious! (I’ll take a line here to say how amazing all the staff workers uniforms were – they totally matched the land and ride that they were running and made the atmosphere even more disney-like!) Went on the Big Thunder Rollercoaster which was like a train and fun.  I loved the music in Frontier land – so ‘American’ !!

Caught the Disneyland railroad steam train which took us around the whole park and we got off at Discoveryland and did the big rollercoaster again.  (our photos that the rollercoasters take where so funny the whole day – mostly of us screaming – we dodn’t buy any of them but they were good for a laugh afterwards!)  Also went back and did the ‘Its a small world’ ride again before walking down the ‘Main street’ with all the shops.  The buildings were so colourful and in-style with disneyland – the detail of the interiors were also amazing – like the lightshades, carpets and lightswitches would match with the type of shop!  Every detail was met here at Disneyland – so impressed!!  Even the rubbish bins were pretty!!

We found a good spot on the mainstreet to watch the end of the day parade – it was so fun – great music and floats with all the characters (my favourites were the green army men from Toy story and the princess float)  Cannot believe we were there from 10:30am-6pm … the day just flew!  It was a great change from sightseeing.  We got back to Paris pretty tired but went to a nice restaurant for dinner where we had (french) onion soup and a chicken dish.  Our waiter was so nice and didn’t mind that we didn’t speak french.  A seriously wonderful day!!!


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