Leaving Leeds


My last few days in Leeds was rather rushed and sad – I had so much packing to do and it was starting to hit home that my time in Leeds was really over.  Everyone else in St Marks was packing and leaving – always there would be people standing by the front gate with their big suitcases waiting for a taxi and the skip was filling up with everything people couldn’t take back home with them.   I was able to give some things away to friends and took lots down to the local charity shop but then had to throw last minute things away too.  Katie from my hall group came over and taught me how to play top trumps properly one afternoon.  Said goodbye to Christina which was a little surreal – it didn’t feel like it was the last time I would see her in a very long time – more like a ‘see ya later’ kind of bye.  Spent some afternoons just hanging out with Claudette reminiscing about when we first came and how we met etc. Had to take down all the cards/letters/pictures/things people had sent me over the past 6 months and my room looked so bare by the end of it.

Had a nice goodbye hot chocolate with Frankie from my New Testament class and that afternoon I went back to the Hidden cafe (the most amazing cafe on campus) and a few people dropped in to say goodbye.   It was such a great afternoon and just so nice to see my lovely friends one last time.

I spent my last morning in Leeds on the Parkinson Steps – took some photos of the uni and the city and just walked around trying to commit everything to memory, wishing I had a photographic memory.  It was heartbreaking to have to leave – I have had the most wonderful time in Leeds, met amazing people, seen so many places and done so much that the semester seems to have just flown by!


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