Paris to Leeds


Had a terrible night sleep – the guy in the bunk above me was such a loud snorer  – rivaled the woman at Stow-in-the-wold!!  (will definitely be buying ear plugs for Italy – just in case)  Had to check out early so we went to Notre Dame and had breakfast in a cafe nearby waiting for it to open. Was a delicious French breakfast (although the cappacino was riddiculously priced at €6.20!)   Had a look inside Notre Dame once it opened – so many stained glass windows which you couldn’t see form the outside but once you were inside it was so colourful.   Had a little trouble finding our tube station but got to the airport in good timing and had lots of time to wait for the plane.  Flight home was uneventful – and got back to Leeds in the afternoon.  Had a nap before going to the last Hall group ever which was pretty sad!  Had a late night at Christina and Claudettes as it was Christina’s last night so we swapped all our photos. 


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