Paris – Versailles


Today we went out to see Versailles after a little sleep in – had a ham, cheese, lettuce and egg baguette for breakfast (the bread here is amazing!!!) and caught a quick train out there.  We got in for free as we were living in the EU studying (win!!) and had audioguides which took us around the chataeu.  It was so big and so grand … I loved the state apartments which were so lavish.  I think after studying country houses and visiting quite a few castle and country houses I can say Versaille beats them all!!)  Every ceiling was painted and there were no white or empty spaces on the walls – all were covered with paintings, gold embellishements, mirrors etc  It was just so extreme and the furniture always matched.  The Queens Bedchamber was my favourite – the bed seriously blended into the room as the fabric of the covers, pillows and the bedframe were the same as the wallpaper so you had to look twice!  It was also a ‘social’ bedroom which meant the room was divided by a knee-high fence with the bed on one side and chairs and tables on the others for guests to sit at!!

The Hall of Mirrors was exceptional – so big and open with floor to ceiling windows on one side and the same size mirrors on the other which matched up so the view was reflected onto the other side. (so clever!!)  It was filled with chandiliers and gold furniture.  I was just so blown away but it all!!  Went outside to the gardens and was equally blown away!  It was just such a huge area and you looked straight down this lake that went for ages.  There were  just so many gardens with fountains (which were frozen over it was so cold)and beautifully maintained hedges and trees.  We walked up through the garden which took about 40 mins – we took it in turns to walk by the water or through a garden.  We had lunch by the lake and then walked back – saw a few people from the walking tour (which was really crazy considering the number of people that were at Versailles!)

We slept on the train ride back and got off at the Eiffel Tower and had a hot chocolate while we waited for it to get dark so we could see the tower all lit up.  It was so cool – at 7pm it started its light show which lasted about 10 mins – all glittering and sparkling.  It was so pretty to watch and we got some nice photos of it.  Had a lazy night – played cards, drank tea and then had an early night.


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